draw a line with love

At the end of a season, finally see the snow, when we lose hope, it was the accident occurred, although no achievement a white beautiful, but gave such a winter drew satisfactory full stop.
Spring comes earlier than expected, while we were still clinging to the cold, but eventually walked a warm waiting, the years in a hurry, go much haste, as if not Huanguo to God, is 2014.
Write as much as thousands of ink, all people from drunk, a good period of time, there is no such a quiet feeling mood ups and downs, pen to carefree and content, to write the next point a word or two, the ear still remembered the song “heart” of Jacky Cheung, again and again to listen to those heartbroken. The lyrics, unavoidably melancholy was: “I do not want to you and unable to part from, but what let me toss and turn restlessly, unconsciously I spoke on bright days, my lips tasted a bitter……headphone amp
I like the green, because it makes me feel peaceful, comfortable, I like sitting in the restaurant window location, and then holding Coffee, to look out of the window is unchanged, People are hurrying to and fro., but ultimately no familiar faces, sometimes, you want to wait a person, do not know that man has gone far, also or, the man had gone away, disappear in your sight.
People often think constantly of or persistent precisely yesterday scenery, just like we always lost after that pursues, but, how many people can see those around us, to accompany us through the ebb and flow of the tides, feel clear. This is not It is without rhyme or reason. love in the world, also won’t have It is without rhyme or reason. hate, but why do we walk in the vast sea of humanity, but always miss didn’t stop, don’t stop to wait, stop the chase.
And friends yesterday just finished watching the film called “Beijing love story” movies, the first time such a deep into a film of tears, what is love, that tumbling in the reality of love, how many vicissitudes and haggard? People, perhaps a lifetime all in love lost, perhaps, to walk this life, to know what is love, is the light of the long, or with vigour and vitality of shaking heaven and earth, or youth that year, we the pure and beautiful feelings, what is true love, pure love still together?
We always like to use words, pictures and other forms, records of those people, once encounter have, gone, gone…… Outline of our past, coherence into one called life picture scroll.
Love blueprint, one pen, is a kind of hope, two people together, is a warm, people want to deviate from, people want to live, we are always on the run, the people behind the total in the chase, in front of the people never stop to wait, while those with our fellow man, and how much can accompany us to go to the end?
NuHart The previous peach, cover the missing source, this life together, hold a memorial service for the afterlife love, time inadvertently passed away, desolate, cold, lonely, leave alone thinking, the epoch-making past.
A journey, will become Feeling’s Gone Away, many people, many things, in the end to the starting point, just as we hold hands came to this world, then Enron’s release of us all, with regret to leave. The stranger far away, after all a person alone in the Qing Huan, then the eternal.
Perhaps, we met, maybe, we lost, perhaps, we have been so far away, perhaps we in samsara forget that a simple vows, then all the rub shoulders in exchange for this life.
Thinking of you, I hope you, read you, read you, write all the words about you, is also insufficient. Calligraphy into poetry, wrote the word, let me indulge in the vast sky, quiet moonlight, then lonely circulation into melancholy, let the wind to crush the memory, a ghost town, because of the loss of a person, a person lonely, the whole city, the bustling unchanged unchanged unchanged, streamer,, can time change. Tuosai, head, twist too stubborn smile, open the Millennium sleeping heart, like ivy, spread out the never say die.
Snow rain, rain, snow, like my messy mood, as the cold rain on the glass, out of the sorrow and silence…… g-suite


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